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SEO Penalty Assessment

The SEO penalty assessment services provided by Discover SEO Sydney professionals will give you a very detailed assessment of your website. The areas where the website doesn’t meet the tuff rules and compliances by Google are targeted. After targeting these areas, our experts will make the necessary changes and repair to your website.

All our Sydney clients have learned the areas and issues that cause the problem and can work on the same after getting the SEO Penalty assessment. Have a look at the services that will be mentioned in SEO penalty assessment:

It is very important to get a penalty assessment for your website done; this can turn out to be very bad for your business too. Our services will include a detailed list to be followed to get the assessment done on time.

We focus on the following topics:
  • A detailed research in the past connecting history and checking if the links are organic, or too many or spam and all these major issues are solved immediately.
  • We also keep a check on your web master tools and also see if there are any messages from Google or not.
  • With the title tracks and site descriptions, we also write the new title tracks and site descriptions for your website.
  • All the recent uploaded content and a proof reading on the same, the content of the website should be good enough to get the ranking of the website properly done.
  • We also look into the matter of speed; a slow site is not watched over by anyone. A person will close the tab in the very moment of watching it working slowly and we make the speed of the site faster.
  • Also, we check for the duplicate content and make sure to remove it from your website and upload the new freshly written content.

You can contact us to get the details of your website and get SEO penalty assessment on it done and you can get the ranking of your website higher in the search engines initial searches. Call us to know more.
Rose Clogstoun
“ I got the SEO of my website done from Discover SEO Sydney and it now shows on the first page of Google, I am very happy with the service of the company and the type of approach that this SEO Company has towards the clients. ” - Rose Clogstoun.